WATCH: Horowitz Says #NeverTrump ‘Serving the Enemy’

They're mad because Trump hasn't read their books.

Reprinted from Breitbart.

Author David Horowitz blasts the #NeverTrump movement in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, saying that the holdouts are clueless about politics and saying that they are “serving the enemy.”

Horowitz also talks about the Democrats’ complete control of city centers, modern American political realism, and why you should vote for Donald Trump.

See video and transcript posted below:

Well, I think, this shows one of the great weaknesses of the conservative movement. These intellectuals haven’t got a clue as to what politics is about. That it’s a form of warfare. And a lot of the complaints about Trump are complaints about his strengths. You know, I mean, which do you think is more persuasive, politically, on the borders?: “Barack Obama is violating the constitution with his executive orders and granting amnesty with an authority he doesn’t have,” or, “I’m going to build a wall, and I’m going to make Mexico pay for it.”

And most of the criticisms of Trump from the intellectual right, are, the way I see them, it’s because he hasn’t read their books, and doesn’t quote them.

What does “being a constitutional conservative,” I understand what it means, constitutional conservatives understand what it means, because they’ve read a lot, but what does the ordinary American, who, you know, is on the Jesse Waters World shows… what do they know about the constitution? What does it mean to them, to say, “A constitutional conservative, constitutional principles.” Not a hell of a lot.

And that’s why Trump, I mean, I think that Trump has, his great appeal… is standing up and fighting. Republicans don’t fight, they just roll over.

Why isn’t there a single Republican saying Hillary Clinton should be in jail just because she has that server, which violates the espionage laws? This is a bi—… or, she has blood on her hands, for getting those guys killed in Benghazi. Setting up the gun running operation, and all that. There is none.

Why wasn’t there a Republican who said, when Barack Obama pulled our base, and our 20,000 troops from Iraq, that he has betrayed every American who gave his life there? Why aren’t they saying, over at Hiroshima, this is a betrayal? The Japanese need to apologize to the world, and to us! We don’t apologize to them. So, you know, Trump, Trump has his flaws.

You know, when they say he lies, which one of them isn’t lying, all the time? Bernie, Hillary? And I don’t want to go into the other Republicans. But there’s so many lies told in an election campaign. And, you know, the issue is, is Trump ready to take on the Democrats for what they are? And that they have disarming this country in the face of an external terrorist threat. That they destroyed our borders, and you can’t have a country without borders. Why is Trump the only one saying things like this?

So, I think now that Trump has the nomination, the obstructers, the “Never Trump” crowd, are people who are serving the enemy. And I, there’s no other way to look at, you cannot look at the Democratic Party and not see that this is a party that has become a left wing party, thats anti-American, and that’s racist.

The Democratic Party controls every inner city in America of any size, and they have for fifty-to-a-hundred years! Everything that’s wrong with the inner city, Democrats are responsible for.

The Civil Rights Acts took racial categories, made them illegal in government regulations and in institutions, generally. The Democrats have spent fifty years putting racial categories back in. They support Black Lives Matter, which is a racist movement! It’s a roving lynch mob! What was Ferguson about, except lynching a white cop, because he was white? They were burning down the city, which is a black city, so blacks are going to suffer, before there was any evidence! And then after the evidence was in, and even the Holder Justice Department said that the cop was innocent and defending himself. And that Michael Brown, and they didn’t use this language, but was a street thug, who had committed a strong armed robbery and attacked a police officer, and tried to wrest his gun from him, even then, they spread this lie, “ Hands up, don’t shoot” as though Michael Brown was surrendering… when he wasn’t. And where does that lie come from? “Hands up, don’t shoot.” It comes from his accomplice in the armed robbery!

Matthew Dougan assisted on this article.

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