Winning the Civil War of Two Americas

America vs. Anti-America.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

When John Edwards touted the “Two Americas” during his presidential campaigns before his political career ended in disgrace, it was still a metaphor. It stopped being a metaphor at the end of last year.

If you doubt that, you can watch Tom Perez, the head of the Democratic National Committee, yelling that President Trump didn’t win the election.  There is a huge difference between opposing the winner of an election and denying that he won it. It’s the difference between opposition and rebellion.

Democrats have not recognized a single Republican presidential victory this century. There is no real reason to think that they will recognize a third one. We can safely assume that the third or fourth Republican to win the White House, no matter who he is, will face the same treatment.

A two-party system can’t function if one party denies the legitimacy of elections won by the other side.

In the Edwards era, the Democrats denied that President Bush had won the election, but they still remained part of the government. That’s no longer the case. Their political mantra is resistance. Their position is that Trump and Republicans are inherently illegitimate and must not be allowed to govern. Instead the government must be defied, opposed, subverted and brought down by any means.

The Democrats have become an unelected shadow anti-government that is seeking to bring down an elected government. That is what I described in an earlier article as a civil war.

The crisis has its roots in Two Americas.

The Democrats artificially created another America. They built it in the elitist urban and suburban enclaves of the left. They drew it with urban welfare ghettoes and with mass immigration. But despite the vast financial, political and cultural power invested in this “New America” it did not represent the majority of the country. And democratic elections dealt repeated setbacks to this Anti-America.

Political maps show these alien concentrations of blue amid a vast national sea of red. Democrats have lost much of the country. They have been wiped out at the state level. They retain power only because they have illegally concentrated them in undemocratic political, financial and cultural centers.

Democrats responded to the latest string of defeats by denying the legitimacy of the election and calling for the elimination of the Electoral College. The original Americans hadn’t died out on schedule so it was time to further dilute their electoral influence in favor of the left’s cultural and financial centers of power all the while protecting the mass immigration program that was meant to replace them.

The Two Americas are now in a state of war.

Anti-America lost an election, denied the outcome and is running a separatist shadow government of sanctuary cities and activist judges. The various attacks on the Trump administration and Congress are expressions of “patriotism”, not to America, but to the alternate Anti-America that they are truly loyal to.

This is not just a power struggle. It’s a clash between two Americas. And only one America can survive.

The left had meant for their Anti-America to replace America. If America is to survive, Anti-America must be destroyed. Unlike America, Anti-America is an artificial entity. Its vulnerabilities are easy to spot by the policy priorities of the left. Anti-America lives by mass migration and campus brainwashing. It requires a huge infrastructure of government employees maintained by taxes and regulations. Its segregated cities depend on a complex hierarchy of political identities that provide access to everything from subsidized housing to jobs based on intersectional caste membership.

Republicans stand against everything that keeps Anti-America alive. So a conflict was always inevitable. Anti-America is far more vulnerable than America. And that’s the good news.

America can win.

Anti-America is based on concentrations of power. Decentralization is its nemesis. Anti-America needs to constantly control people because it is a totalitarian system. Totalitarian systems need a lot more infrastructure and are far more vulnerable. That is why they are so intolerant of individual freedom.

Drain the swamp and you eliminate its breeding grounds. And that of the lobbyists, consultants and reporters who swarm around it like flies.

What the left does best is organize. But organizations are complex systems. And the more complex a system is, the more vulnerable it is. Fighting the left for control of the systems they created and inhabit like hives is a losing proposition. The last few months were a thorough demonstration of that. You don’t fight an ant colony by going inside it. You attack it from the outside by burying it in the dirt.

The left governs by taking a public interest agenda and building an infrastructure of unions, consultants and industries around it. That’s what it did with essentials like education and medicine. Eliminate the organization and you cut expenses, improve services and wipe out the left. That’s why the left panics so badly over education reform and socialized medicine. Those are the sources of much of its money and power.

Cut immigration and the demographic replacement that the left has bet its entire “right side of history” on gets choked off. That’s why the left is more worked up over plans to cut migration than anything else. It doesn’t actually care about Syria or El Salvador. It just knows that Anti-America depends on importing large numbers of people with high birth rates who have no allegiance to this country. Portland won’t do it. Pakistan might.

Leftist beliefs defy common sense. It takes a whole lot of indoctrination to make anyone believe them. End the centralization of education, roll back the endless expansion of higher education and take a hard look at the corporate culture monopolies of the entertainment industry and the Berlin Wall will fall again. Without a fresh supply of zombies, the left goes back to being a marginal movement.

And the left knows it.

The Two Americas have come to a dangerous crossroads. The policy agenda of the Democrats would destroy America. That of the Republicans would destroy Anti-America.

American culture, economics and religion can’t survive the rule of Anti-America. That is what we saw in the Obama years. But Anti-America would do even worse if Republicans got serious about a reform agenda. That’s one reason why Democrats are beginning to engage in a political secession.

Immigration enforcement, school choice and big government cuts frighten them worse than anything.

The left reshaped the culture until an ideological conflict became a culture war. The Two Americas have less in common than the North and the South did. The divisions accelerated sharply throughout the last century. In this century, the division is becoming an irresolvable political conflict. A civil war.

The Democrats are abandoning the pretense of acting as an opposition party within a unified country. If Republicans wish to preserve America, they must be prepared to use government power to destroy the infrastructure of Anti-America. A conflict is underway that will determine whether America survives.

There are Two Americas. In the end there can only be one.