You Can’t be Pro-Palestinian and a Feminist

You can either be a feminist. Or you can believe women should marry their rapists.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.

64% of “Palestinian” men say that women who dress provocatively deserve to be sexually harassed. 52% believe that women who are in public places at night are asking to be harassed.

57% think that a woman should marry her rapist and 47% believe that women who are honor killed for bringing “shame” to their families usually did something to deserve it.

A third of “Palestinian” men say that women who don’t wear hijabs deserve to be insulted.

And the women aren’t much better.

More “Palestinian” women than men justify sexual harassment in public places. 54% believe that a woman who was raped should marry her rapist. 41% don’t think he should be prosecuted.

43% of “Palestinian” women agree that women who are out in public at night deserve to be harassed.

Half the population knew of an honor killing that had taken place in their community in the previous year.

These are the results of a U.N. Women study which finds horrifying attitudes and behaviors toward women in the Muslim world. And which, in true U.N. fashion, attempts to blame it on Israel.

This is the “feminist” reality in the Muslim settlements in the parts of Israel occupied by the rival Islamic warlords of Hamas and Fatah. Both had their roots in the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is a direct link to the Islamist organization. Arafat had first invaded Israel with a Muslim Brotherhood force. He encountered two key Fatah co-founders, Abu Jihad and Abu Iyad, with the Brotherhood.

Hamas gets its backing from the Islamist terror states of Iran, Turkey and Qatar. Fatah’s Palestinian Authority is funded by Western countries. And so it has to be more circumspect. But, like ISIS, the “Palestinian” colonies are efforts to build Islamic states inside Israel.  Both declare that their legal systems are based on Islamic sharia law. Their roots are in the Koran which deprives women of basic civil rights and authorizes men to rape non-Muslim women and to beat their Muslim wives.

“Men are in charge of women, because Allah has made the one of them to excel the other,” the Koran says. “And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them.”

Roughly a quarter of “Palestinians” have seen this Koranic dictum being put into action as their fathers or male relatives beat their mothers.

Islam declares that a woman suffers from a “deficiency in her intelligence” so that it takes two female witnesses to equal one male witness. Women in Islam are considered good for only one thing.

As the Koran puts it, “Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like”. Or as Arafat put it, the womb of the Palestinian woman was his greatest weapon.

This is the “Palestinian” cause in all its ugliness.

Intersectionality links all identity politics with Palestinian colonialism. Linda Sarsour had infamously declared that supporters of Israel couldn’t be feminists. “You either stand up for the rights of all women, including Palestinians, or none. There’s just no way around it,” the Islamic activist had insisted.

In Sarsour’s mind, all women doesn’t include Jewish women. Otherwise support for Hamas and Fatah, which have slaughtered and maimed many Jewish women, would be just as incompatible.

But it’s not as if the “Palestinian” cause is compatible with standing up for Palestinian women either.

The real goal of the Palestinian colonial project has always been the creation of an Islamic State that will once again impose Islamic law on women and minorities. Every territory that falls under the control of the Palestinian Islamic colony subjugates women by reducing them, as Arafat did, to “wombs”. Their only purpose is to produce more fighters to fight the wars of Islamic imperialism against humanity.

The Women’s Strike platform demanded the “decolonization of Palestine”. Palestine was a Roman imperial invention that was revived as a foreign Islamic colony inside Israel.

How do you “decolonize” a colony?

As the separatist Islamic colony expands, more women will fall out of Israel’s legal system and fall into the grip of Fatah or Hamas’ Islamist systems.

The results of the same U.N. Women survey show a correlation between terrorist activity along with other forms of opposition to Israel and violence against women.

22% of those “Palestinians” complaining about Israel confessed to engaging in physical and sexual abuse of women. Of those who did not, only 15% engaged in these behaviors.

25% confessed to engaging in sexual assault or harassment in the past three months compared with 15% among those who did not claim to have been oppressed by Israel.

While the U.N. Women survey attempts to blame this abusive behavior on Israel, it’s obvious that involvement in terrorist activities and hostility makes Muslim settlers more likely to abuse women.

When the Palestinian Authority was allowed to colonize and administer parts of Israel where Muslims had become the majority population due to their ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Jewish population, the Islamic education that its colonial authority imposed not only taught traditionally hostile Islamic attitudes toward Jews, but also toward women.

The intersectional left insists that the Islamic anti-Semitism that motivates the Palestinian colonial project can be segregated from traditional Islamic sexist and racist attitudes. But the survey shows that Muslim violence toward Jews cannot be divided from Muslim violence toward women.

Any support for the Palestinian colonial project is not only anti-Semitic, but an attack on women.

It’s impossible to be a pro-Palestinian feminist. The “Palestinian” cause is an Islamist plot to reverse the gains that the indigenous Jewish population, along with other non-Arab and non-Muslim minorities, have made after the end of Islamic rule. And to take away the freedoms that women have achieved.

Islamic violence is directed at a range of non-conforming identities. Religious minorities, Jews, Hindus, Christians, Yazidis, Animists and countless others have suffered since Mohammed declared his original religious war against indigenous religions in Arabia, followed by Jews, then Christians and then every non-Islamic religion in the world. Sexual minorities also continue to face Islamic violence.

When the intersectional left embraced the “Palestinian” and Islamic cause, instead of tackling a variety of forms of oppression, it instead imposed Islamic oppression across a wide range of identities.

The “Palestinian” cause is as feminist as the honor killings, the murders of women, and the abuse, assault and harassment that the U.N. Women survey shows opponents of Israel are likelier to engage in.

Finally, the survey raises the question of just who is doing the occupying.

20% of the male “Palestinian” respondents claimed to have been harassed or threatened by members of the Palestinian security forces. 15% say that they have been detained for at least one day.

7% of “Palestinian” men report being injured due to violence practiced by Palestinian security members.

What is progressive about supporting a colonial regime that oppresses even its own people?

What is feminist about championing a colonial society where majorities justify the abuse, intimidation and even murder of women?

Why does the world need another oppressive bigoted Islamic theocracy that abuses women?

You can either be a feminist. Or you can support “Palestine” where a majority believes that women should marry their rapists.

But you can’t be both.