The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

2 More Anti-Semitic Assaults in France

I am getting tired of writing about, “The anti-Semitism we’re not supposed to discuss” and “These are not the anti-Semites you’re looking for”. But here’s another typical sample of life for Jews in France. It’s why so many French Jews are headed for the exit.

Squirrel Hill was a horrible crime. But this is what living with anti-Semitism on an ongoing basis feels like.

It’s very different. And the lefty media types writing about how life has changed after the shootings have no clue.

The first incident occurred last Tuesday in Sarcelles — about ten miles north of the capital. According to news magazineLe Point, a young schoolgirl wearing the uniform of the Jewish school that she attends was approached by an older man who spoke to her in Arabic before punching her hard in the back. The girl told police that her assailant had also mimed the action of shooting a gun at her with his fingers.

Not the anti-Semites we’re looking for.

A separate incident the following day was reported in the 19th arrondissement in northeastern Paris. A young man wearing a yarmulke was assaulted by three youths at a bus stop after he noticed that one of them was trying to pickpocket a laptop computer from his bag. After they spotted the young man’s yarmulke, the youths shouted antisemitic insults and pushed him to the ground, punching and kicking him as he fell.

Also not the anti-Semites we’re looking for.

Now it’s time for more rants about Trump.