The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

32% of Dems, Majority of Voters, Want Mueller Investigation to End

While there is a certain segment of the left that obsessively mainlines Mueller conspiracy theories, most voters have come around to the inevitable, “We’re tired of this” position that they usually take when investigations of the president become endless, and yet produce nothing meaningful or tangible. 

The game plan here was to undermine Trump by keeping the investigation going forever. But the numbers are not on Team Coup’s side.

A majority of Americans have fallen into “Russia fatigue,” and want the probe into Moscow’s influence in the 2016 ended, according to a new survey provided to Secrets.

The latest Zogby Analytics online survey found that 52 percent of voters believe that “it is time” for investigator Robert Mueller to wrap up his probe. Some 30 percent do not want it ended.

53% to 30% is bad. Really bad. And even many Dems are off the wagon.

The poll also found that a third of Democrats also want the investigation ended. 

And a lot more will join them if the Dem push in the midterms fizzle because their faction was obsessed with conspiracy theories instead of making a relevant case to voters.

Then Maxine Waters might actually have to go back to occasionally pretending to do her job.