The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

#AbolishICE Makes Way for #AbolishSupremeCourt

The left believes the rules should be whatever serves its ends.

So the replacement of a Republican appointee by another Republican appointee by Trump is touching off the biggest tantrum since the last time this happened. The clarion call, “We wuz robbed” resounds from Berkeley to Madison. And #AbolishICE gets to make way for #AbolishTheSupremeCourt or maybe pack it, or maybe abolish lifetime tenure.

The problem with packing the court is that anyone can do it. And the left still hasn’t gotten it through its entitled head that Republicans have started to play by the left’s rules. If you want to add 3 justices to the court, we’ll add 5. And before long the Supreme Court will be a meaningless and unwieldy court. What will that do to the Federal judiciary? Nothing good.

And the left still needs it more than the right does. The left will destroy the court if it can’t hold it, but saner voices are urging it to play the long game.

At Vox, its lead troll, Ezra Klein, has a rant bemoaning the Supreme Court as an anti-democratic institution. He claims Republicans use the court to write the rules to perpetuate their power. That is an apt description of what the left has been doing.

As usual the left accuses conservatives of its own crimes.

The court is an undemocratic institution. And it’s meant to be one. It was supposed to safeguard the Constitution from abuses by elected officials. But who watches the watchmen? The left turned the judiciary into a forum for wielding executive and even legislative power.

The conservative goal for the court was not to expand the reach of the Federal government, but to narrow it. And to narrow the scope of judicial power against those of elected officials.

That’s a much more democratic and constitutional vision than the left’s vision of “GIVE US ALL THE POWER NOW!”. 

So yes, abolish the Supreme Court. If you can’t control the village, you have to burn it to the ground. That’s the only idea the left has ever had.