The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Actually Obama Made It So You Needed ID to Buy Groceries

The media is having its usual fake news field day over an off the cuff comment by President Trump.

President Donald Trump has wrongly claimed that shoppers need to show photo identification to buy groceries, and he is accusing Democrats of obstructing his agenda and stalling confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee.

Wrongly? Let’s skip a few paragraphs down in the fake news AP story.

People who write checks for their grocery bills frequently need to show ID, but that’s an increasingly less common form of payment. 

So we’ve moved the goal posts from wrong… to less common.

And the media wonders why no one trusts it.

Some stores will also ask for ID for certain kinds of purchases and payments.

But actually Obama made it so that you do need to show ID if you’re buying cough medicine. That was one of his legislative accomplishments. Because buying cough syrup is a much graver matter than voting in a national election.