The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

"America is F___ Racist", Men are Garbage, #CancelWhitePeople: New York Times Hire

While some in the “conservative” media are defending racist New York Times writer Sarah Jeong, Robert Stacy McCain notes that she isn’t just a racist, but has a history of ugly views toward various groups.

She responded to the 2014 race riot in Ferguson, Missouri, by aiming obscenities at the police and declaring “America is f—king racist.” This rhetoric was not a response to harassment, nor was Ms. Jeong “mimicking” anyone as “satire.” Her anti-police sentiments, like her anti-Christian sentiments, are evidently sincere…

” In July 2014, she tweeted a question: “hey what’s worse, a man who calls himself a feminist, or a man who refuses to call himself a feminist”? To which she answered: “it’s a trick question all men are equally garbage in my eyes.” She has declared “men are innately, unintentionally garbage” (Feb. 24, 2015) and “men are fountains of meaningless garbage and they see every woman as an open landfill for their thoughts” (April 22, 2015)…

A minute later, she added another tweet: “Being a straight woman is like being attracted to garbage heaps made of radioactive arsenic.”

McCain specifically attacks the excuse, given by the Times and Jeong that this was just trolling. (The excuse never passed muster for the alt-right, I don’t see why it should for the alt-left.)

This was not “counter-trolling” or “satire,” this was the declaration of a committed feminist ideologue, and her various anti-white comments (e.g., “Dumbass f—king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs p—sing on fire hydrants”) are entirely consistent with her general worldview.

And Andrew Sullivan, of all people, calls this out for the garbage excuse that it is.

, Jeong, by virtue of being an Asian woman, is one of the elect, incapable of the sin of racism or group prejudice. All she is doing is resisting whiteness and maleness, which indeed require resistance every second of the day.

That’s why Jeong hasn’t apologized to the white people she denigrated or conceded that her tweets were racist. Nor has she taken responsibility for them. Her statement actually blames her ugly tweets on trolls whose online harassment of her prompted her to respond in turn. She was merely “counter-trolling.” She says her tweets, which were not responses to any individual, were also “not aimed at a general audience,” and now understands that these tweets were “hurtful” and won’t do them again. The New York Times also buys this argument: “her journalism and the fact that she is a young Asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online harassment. For a period of time, she responded to that harassment by imitating the rhetoric of her harassers.”

Let me explain why I think this is the purest of bullshit. If you want to respond to trolls by trolling them, you respond to them directly. You don’t post slurs about an entire race of people (the overwhelming majority of whom are not trolls) on an open-forum website like Twitter. And these racist tweets were not just a function of one sudden exasperated vent at a harasser; they continued for two years. Another tweet from 2016 has her exclaiming: “fuck white women lol.”…

 Scroll through left-Twitter and you find utter incredulity that demonizing white people could in any way be offensive. That’s the extent to which loathing of and contempt for “white people” is now background noise on the left. What many don’t seem to understand is that their view of racism isn’t shared by the public at large, and that the defense of it by institutions like the New York Times will only serve to deepen the kind of resentment that gave us Trump…

Being racist does legitimize racism on all sides. As does the legitimization of any tactic. Tribal excuses for tearing apart the consensus are meaningless noise to the other side. 

Screaming, “Minorities can’t be racist” all day long just legitimizes white racism. If you want to fight racism, stop being racist. And stop making excuses for racists like Sarah Jeong.

Yes, we all live on campus now. The neo-Marxist analysis of society, in which we are all mere appendages of various groups of oppressors and oppressed, and in which the oppressed definitionally cannot be at fault, is now the governing philosophy of almost all liberal media. That’s how the Washington Post can provide a platform for raw misandry, and the New York Times can hire and defend someone who expresses racial hatred. The great thing about being in the social justice movement is how liberating it can feel to give voice to incendiary, satisfying bigotry — and know that you’re still on the right side of history.