The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Anti-Gun Chief Who Got Hit in the Head With a Hockey Puck Explains Terrible Idea for Protecting College

My favorite part of the story is the cheery tone. 

Can you believe the innovative can-do spirit of those folks? With no guns allowed on campus, they’re preparing to stave off a gunman with hockey pucks. And then we’re gonna win a nuclear war with China using rubber bands and shoe polish.

It’s a potential faceoff between bullets and thousands of hockey pucks at Oakland University.

The Rochester Hills and Auburn Hills university began equipping its faculty and some students with hockey pucks this month as a “last resort” precaution to throw at any active shooters on campus, officials say.

Oakland University Police Chief Mark Gordon said the idea emerged during a training session he was giving earlier this year on surviving an active shooter situation.

Gordon, a former youth hockey coach, said since the university has an ordinance against weapons, one attendee asked what staff and students could bring to prepare themselves for a fight. He recalled once being struck in the head with a puck and said it “caused a fair amount of damage to me.”

“It was not a well-thought-out strategy,“ Gordon told reporters during a telephone interview Tuesday evening. ”It was a spur-of-the-moment-thing that had merit to it and kind of caught on.”

Forget the politics of gun control for a moment.

Does this guy strike you as somebody you want protecting your kids? Sure, it’s probably a terrible idea. But I got hit with a hockey puck once and it seems like it might work to me.

Now I’m going to give an interview discussing my half-assed strategy and explaining to reporters why it won’t work.

It’s better than trying to fight guns with guns.

Oakland University Police Chief Mark Gordon said students are always losing items such as laptops and cellphones in residence halls.

“What kind of fear factor would that introduce to the population if a gun was lost?” Gordon said. “Guns on campus are a bad idea.”

This is why mass shootings happen.