The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Apple Boss: No Room for "Hate" On Our Platforms

Steve Jobs was an overrated media figure, but I couldn’t picture him putting on a silly, posturing performance like this.

In the Tim Cook era, Apple has become a mediocre company, putting out overpriced hardware for those willing to buy it, but with its innovative days as dead as Jobs. So all that’s left is reinforcing the upselling of the thousand dollar phone with virtue signaling.

“At Apple, we believe that technology needs to have a clear point of view on this challenge,” Cook said at an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) conference on Monday afternoon.

At the conference, Cook accepted the ADL’s first “Courage Against Hate” award, geared towards private sector leaders “dedicated” to fighting bigotry. He was also the conference’s keynote speaker.

“That’s why we only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division and violence: You have no place on our platforms,” Cook said during his keynote address. “You have no home here.”

“My friends, if we can’t be clear on moral questions like these then we’ve got big problems,” he said, an apparent dig at other tech giants that have struggled to combat criticisms that they are slow to address harassment and hate speech.

This would be more concerning if Apple had a platform to ban people from. What it can do is ban social media apps that don’t ban speech it doesn’t like. But that level of reach is limited. Apple may ban small apps, but not the big ones. So all Cook can do is indirectly posture about the responsibilities of other companies while collecting the applause.

Meanwhile the ADL decided to invite Cook for no apparent reason. He certainly has nothing to do with any Jewish causes. If anything Apple has a history of occasionally discriminating against Israel.

But then again, what does the ADL have to do with Jewish causes?