The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Billionaire 2020 Dem Unveils Platform of Other People's Right to Your Money

The Dem 2020 clown car includes some very unpleasant lefty billionaires trying to buy the election. It’ll be a tough race between Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg for the charmless candidate who spent the most money to come in 8th.

But Steyer is trying. Like every hack since FDR, he’s got a platform full of other people’s rights to your money.

There will be one town hall for each of the “5 rights” on Steyer’s platform: the right to an equal vote, to clean air and water, to learn with pre-K education through college, to a living wage, and to health.

“These rights should be the basis of the Democratic Party’s platform,” Steyer wrote on his updated site in what was referred to internally as a “preamble.” “Together, we will achieve these rights for all Americans.”

After Steyer left his investment firm in 2012, he and his wife promised to give away most of their wealth in their lifetimes. On top of his philanthropic spending, Steyer became the most generous donor in Democratic politics, with more than $280 million doled out over the past three election cycles. He has given millions to candidates and the party’s committees, but he has poured most of his political money into NextGen America and Need to Impeach.

Why bother feeding the poor when you can feed political consultants instead?

Steyer will philanthropically spend his money trying to buy an election while promising to replace the negative freedoms of the Bill of Rights with positive freedoms that Steyer would like to do away with.