The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Black Leftist Anti-Semitic Vandal Featured Anti-Israel, Pro-Terror Material

James Polite, a black leftist activist accused of arson and anti-Semitic vandalism in New York, appears to have posted anti-Israel and pro-terrorist material on what is allegedly his Facebook page.

More notable stuff in his profile: Palestine Liberation Organization material, burning American flag and a post saying “Friends don’t let friends become Zionists.”

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) November 3, 2018

Since Polite doesn’t fit the profile that the media wanted, it’s trying to excuse his actions on the grounds of mental illness. It doesn’t want to talk about his politics.

James Polite was busted Friday, a day after he allegedly wrote “Kill All Jews,” in the stairwell of historic Union Temple in Prospect Heights.

Police said Saturday that Polite, 26, had also recently set a string of fires — including in the closet of Yeshiva Beth Hillel of Williamsburg, and smaller blazes in the trash outside three other nearby Jewish institutions.

The profile described Polite as gay, bi-polar and the foster child of Jenny Levison, a member of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, and Josh Waletzky, a Yiddish singer-songwriter. Their Prospect Park South house is across the park from the synagogue.

Jews for Racial and Economic Justice is a radical leftist group whose members tend to loathe Israel and Jews. She allegedly contributed to its attempt to distort the existence of lefty anti-Semitism with its “anti-Semitism guide”.

Jenny also appears to be a member of the Arts Council of Jewish Voice for Peace, which, despite its name, is a violently anti-Israel hate group that has promoted anti-Semitism.

To what extent did Jenny’s hateful politics influence James and his hatred of Jews?

These are questions that should be asked, but won’t be.