The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Boss of Anti-Semitic Gawker Site Uses Holocaust to Justify Posting Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

Somewhere underneath the street is a sewer. Beneath that sewer is another even worse sewer. Below that sewer is an accumulated pool of toxic waste and the corpses of dead mobsters. Under that is hell. Below it is a Chipolte factory. Slightly below it is the oozing mass of slime that is Gawker. Hulk Hogan is currently suing the life out of the smear site for posting his sex tape.

So the lawyer for Gawker’s boss decided to invoke the Holocaust.

During the defense opening, Gawker lawyer Michael Berry attacked Hogan’s suit as a naked grab for “lots and lots of money,” and contended that company founder Nick Denton had acted with the purest of motives.

Berry noted that Denton’s mom was a Hungarian Jew “who survived the Nazis” before escaping the Soviet occupation and fleeing to England at age 18.

“Mr. Denton grew up with parents who’ve seen first-hand what happens when speech is suppressed,” Berry said.

If you don’t let Gawker illegally post celebrity sex tapes to make money, you’re suppressing its free speech. Just like Hitler.


1. Nick Denton is not Jewish. He’s an obnoxious British guy whose father married his refugee student. His mother fled the totalitarian left, a political movement whose radical agenda her son is dedicated to promoting.

2. Gawker is an anti-Semitic website brimming over with hatred and contempt for Jews and the Jewish state. It employs some people of Jewish descent, but it’s not alone there. And this is the kind of stuff that it has a history of running.

“Some stores are planning to open anyway – these are Jews, let’s remember, and a buck’s a buck – which has resulted in predictable outrage from the Adonai-adoring elements of Israeli society.”


“We are sincerely sorry for offending your delicate Jew sensibilities”


“Do you guys still eat the Palestinian kids after your tanks run them over, or did you stop that once Rabin came into office? Do we still send Israel billions of dollars a year?—but, guess what, we think the comical ways in which your Jew country kowtows to the craziest Jew elements of crazy Jewiness could not be funnier.”

And, oh yes, Gawker’s interchangeable cast of slimeballs likes mocking the Holocaust too.

Advertisers at Gawker, those who haven’t jumped ship after Gamergate, include SONY, National Geographic, Canon, Ford, Intel, Sprint and State Farm.

But when Nick Denton finds it convenient, suddenly his website goes from attacking Jews to claiming to be some kind of proxy victims of the Holocaust because their boss’ mother was once in Hungary when they’re sued by the guy whose sex tape they posted for money.