The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

California Votes to Move to 100% Unreliable Energy by the Time High Speed Rail is Ready

Summer in California already means brownouts and punitively high tiers of energy which can suddenly leave you with a whopping energy bill.

So it’s time to make things worse.

Since there’s no lefty policy proposal, no matter how insane, that the one party state won’t vote for, it’s time for 100% unreliable energy.

California’s assembly has voted to move the state’s electricity completely off fossil fuels.

The state assembly on Tuesday passed S.B. 100, a proposal to transition California to 100 percent emissions-free electricity sources by 2045. Amid heavy lobbying from environmentalists and other groups, the bill passed, 43 to 32.

2045. Just in time for the high speed train to nowhere to be complete. 

Also call the bill a huge rotten treat for the eco billionaires who have invested a whole lot of money in bad tech that can only be subsidized by the government, the taxpayers and homeowners.

“California would really become a shining state in terms of creating a real example for the rest of the country to look toward for creating an alternative to fossil fuels and having a healthy, growing economy,” said Dan Jacobson, state director for Environment California, which supports the bill.

One or the other. Really.

About 72 percent of Californians back the proposal, according to public polling. The state’s business groups, as well as some utilities, oppose it.

Of course and of course.

Since there’s no actual debate. Just non-stop media propaganda. Once the bills arrive, it’ll be different. 

None of this will ever happen. It will mean mandates to pour more money into unreliable “green” platforms while taxing reliable energy platforms to pay for them. The brownouts will get worse. Energy bills will rise higher. And when 2045 comes around, more fossil fuels than ever will be burned in California. And the high speed rail will be a distant memory.