The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Cartoonist Asks Everyone to Stop Calling Everyone Else Hitler, Facebook Bans Him

Great work, Facebook.

Well done.

Godwin’s Law now joins the legion of things that Facebook inappropriately bans. 

The target is talented cartoonist Bosch Fawstin, who was the target of the first ISIS attack in America over his Mohammed cartoon. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center responded by naming Bosch, rather than ISIS, as a hate group. Facebook has managed to go one better by banning Bosch for a cartoon pointing out the fallacy of accusing everyone else of being Hitler.

“I was banned from Twitter and Instagram, and now might be fully banned from Facebook soon. Facebook just hit me with a 30 day ban, and they used “ban”, not suspension, for -of all posts- my post where I wrote that only Hitler was Hitler, with my cartoon of Hitler saying so, “I’m Hitler! Only Me!” And they wrote that it goes against their ‘Community Standards’“, Bosch wrote.

You can still find Bosch’s work on his blog, his store and here, at Front Page Magazine where his work illustrates many of our articles.