The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Clinton Judge Who Accused Flynn of Treason Protects Illegals from Deportation

Some judges work really hard. 

That’s the case with Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Clinton judge. After an Obama judge, with serious connections to the case, recused himself from Flynn’s sentencing, Sullivan came in and threw a bizarre tantrum in court, accusing Flynn of treason.

Sullivan’s antics will no doubt provide Flynn’s lawyers with material.

But the Clinton judge wasn’t done with parading through the papers just yet. He also insisted that the Sessions policy to prevent migrants from filling false asylum claims because their country is “dangerous” (as it every country south of the border) could not be allowed to stand.

So on the one hand, Judge Sullivan insisted on making a false accusation against a criminal defendant, on the other hand he helped actual criminals stay in this country.

Mission accomplished.