The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

College's 'Prospector Pete' Mascot Guilty of Genocide

Farewell, Prospector Pete.

You have been unpersoned and must join the Dukes of Hazzard, Roseanne and the Founding Fathers in the gulag. 

California State University, Long Beach, is retiring its controversial Prospector Pete mascot, which critics say represents the genocide of indigenous people during the Gold Rush.

The statue of Prospector Pete in the campus quad will be moved to the new alumni center next year, the institution said.

I like how anything the left opposes is controversial. While anything the right opposes is courageous.

What’s controversial about Prospector Pete? Apparently he represents the genocide that is associated with the Gold Rush? Didn’t you know about all the genocide?

“As our diversity grew and more voices were heard, we came to know that the 1849 California gold rush was a time in history when the indigenous peoples of California endured subjugation, violence and threats of genocide,” president Jane Close Conoley said in a statement. “Today, the spirit of inclusivity is reflected in our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community.”

The Times explains that the idea of Prospector Pete originated from the campus’s founding in 1949, with the founding president — Pete Peterson — saying he had “struck the gold of education” with the establishment of the college

Facts. Who cares about facts anyway?

Inclusivity has once again defeated the terrible genocide inflicted by Prospector Pete CSU- Long Beach.