The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Convenience Store Robber Freed by Dem Gov Goes Right Back to Robbing

There’s a reason we have three strikes and you’re out laws.

It’s not because of

A. Racism

B. A prison pipeline

C. A national slave industry

Or any of the other garbage that the left claims. It’s because it’s a good way to lower crime rates by locking up repeat offenders. Here’s what happened when Governor Jay Inslee decided to bypass them and commuted the sentence of a repeat offender.

When David Conyers was led away from a King County courtroom more than 20 years ago he was never to be a free man again.

Convicted in a string of convenience-store robberies throughout Seattle, Conyers became the 29th person in the state sentenced to life under the three-strikes-you’re-out law. He was just 21 when he was turned over to the Department of Corrections - at the time the youngest three-striker in the state.

In 2015 he was given a second chance, in the form of a commutation by Gov. Jay Inslee.

And you’ll never guess what happened next. This guy, the media called the Bob the Builder Bandit began robbing stores. Because pro-crime policies, call them “sentencing reform” or any other euphemism work.

Police are asking for the public’s help to catch a crook dubbed “Bob the Builder” for his construction worker outfit.

Investigators said he’s robbed at least six businesses in Seattle in just the last month - including small grocery stores and pharmacies.

Now he’s going back where he should have been all along.

- A man convicted for the fourth time for a string of robberies was sentenced to life in prison Friday under Washington’s Three Strikes Law.

Conyers was convicted last year on six counts of second-degree robbery, which prosecutors called his 4th strike.

But his lawyer is protesting.

“It’s just beginning. I think we have decent grounds for an appeal for various and assorted reasons,” Jim Conroy said. “I think the statute is unconstitutional that permits this to happen.”

The owners of the 6 stores he allegedly robbed may disagree.