The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

The Creepy Dem Efforts to Get the FBI Involved in Smearing Kavanaugh

Don’t Dianne and Chuck realize that Strzok and McCabe no longer work for the Bureau?

The FBI doesn’t probe ancient allegations like the ones that the Democrats and their media allies are throwing at Kavanaugh. The repeated efforts by Senator Feinstein and Senator Schumer to get the FBI involved are creepy and inappropriate.

FBI background checks evaluate national security risks. Not high school allegations.

Chuck knows that.

So why keep dragging in the FBI? Clearly there’s the expectation that there are enough Dem allies in the FBI to build up this smear. That, and the threat of the FBI, helps keep the story alive. It allows the Dems to keep demanding that the White House bring in the FBI, which is both absurd and inappropriate, and then treats the refusal as a cover-up that incites their lefty base. Win-win.

But there is a creepy police state feel to the immediate resort to the FBI. Especially while the FBI remains under a cloud for targeting the political opposition under Obama. Trying to sic the FBI on Kavanaugh feels like more of an effort to suppress the political oppositon.

The left is turning America into Venezuela.