The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Dem 'Gun Control' Candidate Shoots Campaign Treasurer

The average gun control lefty can’t imagine any purpose for firearms except psychotically shooting people at the slightest provocation. Not only are they generalizing from their own poor impulse control, but guns really do need to be kept out of their sweaty murderous little hands.

 A former Georgia Congressional candidate has been charged with murder after her former campaign treasurer was found dead inside her apartment. 

Kellie Collins, of Thomason, turned herself into the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office just as authorities in Aiken County, South Carolina found the body of Curtis Cain, Collins’ former campaign treasurer.

In 2017, Collins ran as a Democrat against incumbent Rep. Jody Hice, a Republican, for Georgia’s 10th District. She ultimately dropped out of the race, citing personal reasons.

During the race, she touted her support for responsible gun regulation to protect the community.

…from people like her.

In this era that we find ourselves in, the left seems to be divided. What, in your opinion, is the best way to unify the ideological left?

Well of course, resisting Trump and his administration is the obvious low-hanging fruit solution but I don’t think that is enough to really build a solid front that can affect the elections in a significant manner for the long-term future. The real issue is that the Democratic Party leadership lost their understanding of how the working class operates on a day to day basis. Somehow they have to figure out a way to show that they want to listen to the problems, talk about ways to fix them, and implement the solutions so that everyone benefits. Free public higher education and an efficient healthcare system are key supports in any potential bridge across the divide as well as an emphasis on free speech and the necessity of a free press for democracy.

They’re key.