The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Democrats Support Illegal Aliens Voting

Goodbye League of Women Voters, Hello League of MS-13 Voters.

But of course they do.

Within the last decade, the Dem position became that Illegal aliens are an oppressed minority who should have the same, if not superior rights, to those of Americans. If so, what possible reason is there not to let them vote?

Local municipalities are doing it already.

And  Rasmussen didn’t even have to work too hard to troll Dems into endorsing it. It just ran a poll using the same language that pro-crime advocates use to argue for legalization. 

Nationally, 31% of voters support illegal aliens voting. 62% oppose. 

The identity of the pro-illegal voting party won’t be too much of a surprise. 54% of Democrats support, only 37% oppose. (Among Republicans, 18% support it also.)

Expect the 2020 Dem nominee to run on illegal aliens voting. 

The old Dem argument about voter fraud was that illegal aliens voting is a lie that Republicans made up. The new argument will be, “Of course illegal aliens vote. And they should.”