The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Do the Dems Have a Structural Anti-Semitism Problem?

It’s obvious why no one on the left wants to talk about Farrakhan. 

When your core allies in the black community are black nationalists who are Farrakhan fans, that’s a conversation that can’t be had. That’s why the Obama-Farrakhan photo got less coverage than a dog whose ear, CNN claimed, looked like Trump. It’s why Tamika Mallory, Keith Ellison, Shaun King and the rest of the gang quickly got a pass.

When your political allies are anti-Semites or on very friendly terms with them, some topics are just off-limits.

It’s a structural problem.

That’s the point that Karin McQuillan at American Thinker makes in her article, Democrats Need Anti-Semites to Win.

“We are talking about Democrats from top to bottom, regular Democrats – leadership, elected officials, donors, voters.  We are talking about the Democrats’ indispensable voting blocs:  blacks, Hispanic immigrants, feminists, gay activists,campus millennials, our growing Muslim population.  Every Democratic demographic except white suburban women is stuffed with anti-Semites.”

Dig  into the ADL report on anti-Semitism in America and you find that Black anti-Semitism is twice the national average and was three times the national average when Obama was in office. Some 36 percent of Hispanic immigrants are anti-Semitic. American-born Hispanics, 14%, almost 50% more than white Americans. 

Now the left is already natively anti-Semitic. There’s a long history of it from Fourier to Marx to Lenin. So anti-Semitism is an image problem, not an ideological problem. And image problems are met with spin. Witness the JTA’s shameless attack on Commentary for trying to address anti-Semitism in the black community. The constant refrain on the left is that talking about anti-Semitism on the left distracts from talking about anti-Semitism on the right. But, curiously enough, black activists on the left who want to talk about racism on the left aren’t being silenced the same way.

The Democrats were not anti-Semitic. To begin with. But as the party was taken over by the left at the top while selling out to racists at the bottom, anti-Semitism is its inevitable destination.