The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo Turn CNN's Echo Chamber into a Black Hole

It’s a tough choice between CNN and waterboarding. And I wouldn’t wish the tough decision on my worst enemies.

But, invariably, the most miserable places to be stuck on a Thursday evening, an airport, a hospital or a Taliban prison, will have wall to wall CNN blaring at its hostages in order to destroy the last vestiges of their will to live.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that CNN used to be a breaking news network. These days CNN doesn’t break news. Twitter does. Instead CNN beats news to death like a reluctant equine. Minute by minute and hour by hour, the news is slowly mangled, shredded and then ground down like some new digital Spanish Inquisition with commercial breaks for life insurance, drugs and cell phones for the elderly.

Still watching the Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo lovefest after the latter’s interview or, shouterview, with Kellyanne Conway, was too pathetic for words.

It’s a common enough social phenomenon on Twitter for Person A and Person B to get into a fight. Then, Person A starts retweeting people who claim that he won.

I’ve seen it often enough on social media. This is the first time that I’ve seen CNN anchors going at it. 

Don Lemon became infamous for his speculation that a black hole may have consumed a missing airliner. Now he turned CNN from an echo chamber into a black hole.