The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Even Bernie's Own Press Secretary Won't Support Him

It’s hard to say what the sadder socialist sight is these days, Venezuela or Bernie Sanders.

The Left embraced Sanders as an alternative to Hillary Clinton when Elizabeth Warren, their first choice, wouldn’t run. Then they built a lefty political machine under the brand name that they had created for him. And Bernie began to get ideas above his station.

But now that the Dem field is pretty crowded, the support of a confused and cantankerous political hack with ideas from the previous century is evaporating. As Bernie’s people go after Beto, his own people are refusing to support him. Even his press secretary.

Some backers of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)’s 2016 presidential bid, including lawmakers as well as former staffers and advisers, spoke with The New York Times on Thursday and said they won’t necessarily support him if he runs again in 2020. This includes Sanders’ former press secretary, Symone Sanders, who said “there are a lot of good candidates this time” and that she’ll “wait and see” who she backs.


Though Sanders (the other one) was and is a train wreck.