The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Ex-Cocaine User Obama Just Pardoned a Bunch of Coke Dealers

Cocaine, it's a hell of a drug.

Obama just set this guy free. And a whole bunch of his friends.

Cocaine, it’s a hell of a drug. And Obama, who wrote of using it in the past, still seems to have a soft spot for its dealers even though he no longer imbibes. His “pardons” mainly focus on cocaine dealers.

Of his 46 pardons, 41 involved cocaine. Despite the lefty obsession with racial inequality in crack cocaine sentencing, only a minority of the pardons involved crack cocaine. Crack was not Obama’s drug of choice. But just to be fair, he did pardon this fine citizen who got into both meth and cocaine.

Robert Joe Young – Joppa, AL
Offense:  Conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute a mixture and substance containing methamphetamine; possession with the intent to distribute a mixture and substance containing methamphetamine; use of a firearm during and in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime; possession with the intent to distribute a mixture and substance containing cocaine; carrying a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime; endeavoring to influence and impede the administration of justice (Northern District of Alabama)

Sentence:  240 months’ imprisonment; 5 years’ supervised release (Dec. 16, 2002)

So much for the non-violent offenders. But anyone moving sizable amounts of drugs is by definition violent.

Juan Diego Castro – Laredo, TX
Offense:  Possession with intent to distribute a quantity in excess of five kilograms of cocaine (Southern District of Texas)

Sentence:  240 months’ imprisonment; 10 years’ supervised release (Feb. 1, 2002)

That’s in the neighborhood of $100,000 worth of cocaine. Non-violent drug offenders don’t operate at that level.

One of Obama’s pardons was of a drug dealer operating around D.C.

Norman O’Neal Brown – Hyattsville, MD
Offense:  Distribute quantity of mixture or substance containing a detectable amount cocaine base (crack), aiding and abetting (five counts); possess with intent distribute quantity of mixture or substance containing detectable amount of cocaine base (crack), aiding and abetting (District of Maryland)

Sentence:  Life imprisonment; 10 years’ supervised release (Jan. 15, 1993)

Commutation Grant:  Prison sentence commuted to expire on November 10, 2015

Federal law enforcement authorities, culminating a two-year investigation during which undercover agents traded cellular telephones and pagers for crack cocaine, arrested 23 people yesterday who are alleged to be members of a large-scale drug distribution network in the District and suburban Maryland.

Now he’s free to deal again. And maybe he can move on to a more select upscale clientele. Meanwhile Chicago just doesn’t have enough drug dealers. At least that’s what Obama thinks.

Joseph Burgos – Chicago, IL
Offense:  Distribution of cocaine; use of a communication facility in the commission of a felony (Northern District of Illinois)

Sentence:  360 months’ imprisonment; eight years’ supervised release; $200,000 fine (Sept. 2, 1993)

Burgos was hardly a first time offender.

On February 20, 1992, a jury convicted Joseph Burgos (“Burgos”) of distributing nearly two kilograms of cocaine…  Prior to trial, the government filed a notice pursuant to 21 U.S.C. § 851, informing Burgos he faced enhanced statutory penalties because he had two prior drug convictions.

And Florida can enjoy having this guy on the loose.

Marlon McNealy – St. Petersburg, FL
Offense:  Conspiracy to commit racketeering (two counts); conspiracy to distribute cocaine base; knowingly and intentionally distributing 50 grams or more of cocaine base (three counts) (Middle District of Florida)

Sentence:  Life imprisonment; 10 years’ supervised release (Aug. 18, 1993)

As usual there’s more to the gory story.

During 1990 and 1991 in St. Petersburg, Florida, Ronald Mathis operated a major crack cocaine distribution organization with which the defendants were connected. Defendant Levine Archer (“Jamaican Joe”) supplied crack cocaine to the organization during 1990 until early 1991, when he had a dispute with Mathis. Around late 1990, Marlon McNealy and Willie Jefferson became suppliers as well. They were soon joined by Charles Hubbard, and these three were principal suppliers from July 1 through October 1991.

n late 1990, Mathis moved his operations to the south side of the city. On December 24, 1990, at an organizational meeting attended by about twenty people, Mathis outlined his plan to be bigger and smarter than another drug organization in the city, run by “Wonderman” Lee, had been. McKinnon was present and added that workers should not be as flashy as the Lee organization. In 1991 the center of operations was Mathis’s residence at 781 16th Avenue South, though several sites on the south side were used to prepare, sell, and pay for drugs sold. These locations included 827 Preston Avenue South, 14th Avenue South and Highland by a key shop, locations around 15th and 16th Avenue South, 1222 19th Avenue South, and 2320 Fairfield Avenue. Mathis moved operations from one site to another in response to law enforcement searches, and ordered at least one site to be burned down to impede investigation efforts. Evidence of arson and attempts at burglary and murder was introduced, indicating the full extent of the Mathis organization’s activities.

Obama certainly is doing his part to make America safer.