The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Facebook Board to Soros: Go Fly a Kite

George Soros and the media’s big push to take over Facebook has run into a snag. The Facebook board has made it clear that it won’t turn on the company’s leadership, despite the demands of Soros Inc, and the media, and that researching Soros was entirely legitimate.

If the Soros/Media coup wants to take over Facebook, it’s going to have to push for a clean sweep.

Here was a Soros troll demanding that heads must roll because his boss had been investigated.

Mr Gaspard called these allegations “smears” and demanded that the US government investigate Facebook’s use of the public relations firm. The Open Society Foundations has denied funding any groups which criticise Facebook.

“Sorry, but this needs independent, congressional oversight,” Mr Gaspard said in his tweet on Wednesday.

What needs congressional oversight is the Soros Network. But considering that the alleged Nazi collaborator helped Dems buy the House, I don’t see that happening.

Facebook however has told Soros and the media to go fly a kite.

Facebook Inc.’s board of directors threw its support behind Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg on Wednesday, saying that it was “entirely appropriate” for her to ask if George Soros had shorted the company’s stock after the billionaire investor called the social-media giant a “menace.”

“To be clear, Ms. Sandberg’s question was entirely appropriate given her role as COO,” Mr. Stretch wrote. “When a well-known and outspoken investor attacks your company publicly, it is fair and appropriate to do this level of diligence.”

Soros, despite the media’s hysterical demands, is not the emperor. He is not above criticism or scrutiny just because he funds the Left.