The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Feminist Muslim Rape Capital of Europe Bans "Distracted Boyfriend" Meme

When you can’t talk about what you really need to talk about, then you take refuge in distractions.

Sweden is obsessively feminist. It also has one of the highest sexual assault and rape rates in Europe. Its obsessive feminism is creepy and laughable, and irrelevant to its actual problem. The more of a toll Muslim migration takes on Sweden, the more it engages in virtue signaling feminism.

You would’ve been hard pressed to travel the internet lately and not see the popular Distracted Boyfriend image, which depicts a man swiveling his head backward to gawk at a woman walking in the opposite direction while his girlfriend glares at him in anger.

Well, a meme based on the viral image has been deemed sexist by Sweden’s advertising ombudsman, The Guardian reported.

Turns out recruitment ads posted to Facebook by the internet service provider Bahnhof added labels to the boyfriend (“You”), the girlfriend (“Your current workplace”), and the woman walking away (“Bahnhof”) — and the ombudsman ruled the ads gender-discriminatory, the outlet said, citing the Local.

“The advertisement objectifies women,” the ombudsman said, The Guardian reported. “It presents women as interchangeable items and suggests only their appearance is interesting … It also shows degrading stereotypical gender roles of both men and women and gives the impression men can change female partners as they change jobs.”

That should fix Sweden. And why women are threatened there.

Sweden has one of Europe’s highest rates of sexual assaults.

At 120.79 violent sexual assaults per 100,000 people, and 56 rapes per 100,000, the otherwise bleak socialist country ranks as having the second highest rate of sexual violence in Europe.

What makes Sweden so exceptionally dangerous for women? Its militant feminism is embedded in its political culture and its educational system. Sweden has boasted of a “feminist foreign policy”, 61% of Swedes in one survey identified as feminists and hold the strongest views on “gender equality” of any Europeans. Swedes are the most likely to believe that it’s okay for men to cry. Only 11% believe that women should take care of the home and only 10% believe that it’s a man’s job to support his family.

Finland has a third of Sweden’s rape rates and a quarter of its sexual assault rates. Its numbers are still far higher than most of Europe, but nowhere near those of Sweden.

What could possibly explain the difference?

Finland is also fairly feminist, but the Muslim proportion of its population is only a third of Sweden. Finland has a third of Sweden’s Muslim population proportion and a third of its rape rate.

Sweden has the second highest non-indigenous Muslim immigration population rate in Europe and the second highest sexual assault rate in Europe. It would be foolish to pretend that this is a coincidence.

Sweden has the second highest non-indigenous Muslim population rate in Europe and the second highest sexual assault rate in Europe. Belgium has the third highest Muslim population rate and the third highest sexual violence rate. The Netherlands has the fourth highest sexual assault rate in Europe and the fourth highest Muslim population rate. Germany has the sixth highest assault rate and the sixth highest Muslim population rate. Are all of these numbers just a random coincidence?

But sure. Let’s ban some ads while spreading the Koran. That will fix this.