The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Fort Hood Terrorist Gets Daily Helicopter Rides to "Work on his Defense

"Our country left a wounded soldier on the battlefield. And he felt he wasn’t given the same consideration that our enemies were."

While Obama Inc. is kicking tens of thousands of soldiers out on the street and countless more are waiting years for VA benefits, Nidal Hasan, the Muslim terrorist who carried out the Fort Hood Massacre, is getting nothing but the best.

Nidal Hasan receives extraordinary treatment in jail while victims of the attack argue they have been forgotten and mistreated by the U.S. Army.

While a prisoner awaiting trial, Hasan is ferried by helicopter nearly every day, complete with an additional helicopter escort and security detail, for the 20-mile journey between the Bell County Jail and Fort Hood, courtesy of the United States Army and American taxpayers.

The Army told NBC 5 Investigates the daily helicopter rides are necessary because the jail does not have the proper facilities for Hasan to work on his legal defense and transporting Hasan by car creates additional security concerns.  Fort Hood does not have its own jail, so Hasan is being held at the Bell County Jail under a special Army contract.

Inside the Bell County Jail, the Army requires the Bell County Sheriff provide a private guard for Hasan at least 12 hours a day.  He lives in a special room that, using U.S. Army funds, was equipped to specifically accommodate the injuries he suffered after he was shot by officers responding to the attack on the Army post.

Victims of the Fort Hood massacre told NBC 5 Investigates the Army’s efforts to provide for Hasan’s needs do not match the treatment they have received since the shooting.  They feel the Army has gone the extra mile for Hasan but not for them.

This is Obama Time. Perps and terrorists get the royal treatment. Their victims get the finger and the boot.

Howard Berry said his son, Staff Sgt. Josh Berry, struggled to understand the treatment the Army afforded Hasan compared to those he’s accused of injuring.

Josh Berry ultimately committed suicide on Feb. 13, 2013, after his family said he suffered years of post-traumatic stress caused by the Fort Hood shooting.

One of Josh Berry’s friends and former military commanders said Josh constantly talked about the trial delays and the denial of benefits for the victims.

“It weighed on him heavily and affected his ability to cope because he would definitely get obsessive about it.  It was something that was constantly on his mind,” said Greg Majewski, Josh’s former commander.

“He felt there were more considerations that were being given to the shooter that weren’t being given to the victims and he couldn’t understand,” said Howard Berry, Josh’s father.

Just more American blood on Obama’s hands.

Howard Berry said his son was constantly bothered by what he saw as a lack of consideration such as the Army denying victims of the massacre Purple Heart medals and other combat-related benefits while insisting the shooting was not an act of terrorism – a classification Fort Hood shooting victim Logan Burnett strongly disputes.

“The day that came out was the day the government looked at every single one of the victims of the Fort Hood shooting and spit in our faces, literally spit in our faces,” said Burnett.

Burnett, who was shot three times in the attack, also feels the Army has gone to great lengths to accommodate Hasan by allowing him to grow a beard, despite military rules that forbid it.  The courtroom debate over Hasan’s beard, and other trial delays have dragged on the case for more than three years.

Meanwhile, as NBC 5 Investigates first reported, Hasan has received nearly $300,000 in military pay since his arrest.

“I can understand why he did what he did. Because our country left a wounded soldier on the battlefield,” said Howard Berry.  “And he felt he wasn’t given the same consideration that our enemies were.  And he didn’t understand.”

The problem is that our country is now run by its worst enemies.