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Forward: It's Not Anti-Semitic When Black People Attack Jews

Nothing to see here folks. #ObamaFarrakhan #Democrats

— Mike Dmano (@Dman767) March 2, 2018

This comes on the heels of the Washington Post running multiple defenses of Marc Lamont Hill’s defense of murdering Jews. So of course The Forward, which had previously defended a lefty politician who claimed that Jews control the weather, wants a nuanced discussion of whether black people assaulting Jews is anti-Semitic or a protest against gentrification.

Is A String Of Attacks Against Brooklyn Jews Really About Anti-Semitism? - Ari Feldman

Oddly enough that question is only asked about anti-Semitic violence from the minority left, not from the right. Funny how that works.

Out of six attacks on Jews in Brooklyn in the last month and a half, three have occurred in Crown Heights. On Oct. 15, a teenager beat a Jewish man with a stick. On Nov. 19, a high school-age yeshiva student was “sucker-punched” by an assailant. On Saturday, a man was punched without provocation on his way to synagogue. The last incident came amid four attacks on Jewish people — two of them on children — that occurred on the same weekend.

But wait, it’s really a protest against gentrification. 

And while the attacks are targeting Jews, it may be because black people identify Judaism as “a form of almost hyper-whiteness,” according to Mark Winston Griffith, executive director of the Black Movement Center, a not-for-profit group that promotes communal organizing in the black community in Crown Heights.

In that regard, Griffith said, the attacks may Be an extension of animosity toward white people in general, who drive gentrification in Brooklyn.

Jews are “hyper-white”. And whiteness is evil. So the only way to fight this whiteness is to punch Jewish kids in the head. And then maybe round them up into camps. And write Forward articles defending all this.

Also Jews never left Crown Heights. They stayed there in the worst days of the 70s, 80s and 90s. They can’t be gentrifiers because they aren’t gentry and they were there long before the people punching them in the street.

Unless “gentrifier” is now officially just code for non-minority residents who don’t have a right to live there, even when they predated the people calling them gentrifiers? 

Because that would be racist.

He added that the attacks are not on the radar of people involved in social justice initiatives in Crown Heights.

“To the extent that people hear about it, they are probably thinking about it in the national context of anti-Semitic acts, and the larger landscape of hatred that is being painted by Donald Trump,” he said.

The context of Donald Trump must explain local African-American residents doing this.

“I don’t feel threatened when I walked down the streets, but I know this area has changed,” said Shani, 36, who declined to give her last name. Public school children frequently yell “Heil Hitler!” into the front gate of her kids’ school, she said.

I blame Trump and white nationalism.