The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

In The Future Everyone Will Have 15 Minutes of White Privilege

White privilege and supremacism are everywhere. And therefore nowhere. As this insane Guardian editorial proves.

There have been plenty of insane editorials about Jamal Khasoggi, but this is something else because its insanity has nothing to do with insisting that a pal of Osama bin Laden was really a moderate journalist.

Jamal Khashoggi’s borrowed white privilege made his murder count - Khalid Albaih

The correct response is, “What?”

Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi Islamist. Arab immigrants actually used to be considered white when some European immigrants weren’t considered white. So I suppose he could be accused of having white privilege.

But the reason he got so much attention was a Turkish/Qatari propaganda campaign backed by the Left.

The op-ed isn’t even about Khashoggi, but to the extent that it’s about anything, it’s about Sudan.

But most of the people I know back home can perceive white privilege and agree with that mentality.

White privilege in Sudan means Muslim Brotherhood Arabs killing Africans.

 In addition to the everyday bragging from the older generation about how things were better back then, and how working for the khawaja (in that context, white man) was better, I remember an article widely circulated on WhatsApp that openly called for the British to come back and save us from ourselves. It argued that the most functioning structures in postcolonial societies are the ones that were erected during colonialism.

Also there was substantially less genocide.

Long before the refugee “crisis” that swept Europe after the Arab spring (challenging its self-righteous self-image), most artists, intellectuals, free thinkers, opposition leaders and journalists from the “third world” had, like me, headed west, not only for education but for protection. To be protected by white privilege, even if it’s just by association. And this has only served to further the west’s white saviour mentality.

Sudanese refugee indicts European country that took him in for its white privilege. He could just go back to Sudan. All he’s doing by living in Denmark is propping up its white savior complex.

So most of us end up living between a rock and a hard place. Do we stay at home to be threatened by authoritarian regimes and not have full independence and freedom? Or do we try to get to the west to be free, but become a poster child for how good the west is 

Do we get killed by our own murderous societies or actually be forced to admit that the west is better than our societies? Or do we leave our murderous societies and then accuse Denmark of white privilege?

While the Saudi regime imprisons thousands of nameless dissidents and kills millions in Yemen, the whole world knew of one name, Jamal Khashoggi. That is his association with white privilege in action. There are thousands of Khashoggis out there – working, dying – but none will count like he did. But what the focus on him did achieve, thanks to his associated white privilege, is to help bring all of their stories to the surface.

In the future everyone will have white privilege for 15 minutes.