The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

God Isn't Fixing the New York Daily News

The New York Daily News had a 10% decline in circulation

The New York Daily News had a 10% decline in circulation and it keeps bleeding red ink. It was put up for sale this year, after burning through a fortune, but no one is buying.

Why would they? The Daily News is a joke.

The daily paper in the age of the internet is an outmoded institution. The average Daily News reader is old and lacks internet access. Often he lacks basic literacy and just skims the oversized photos.

Recently the paper decided that its thing would be screeching about gun control. And I do mean screeching. Day after day brings another hysterical cover story accusing anyone who disagrees with the idiots in charge of being monsters, terrorists and Nazis.

This unhinged coverage is helmed by uniquely unqualified dingbats like former New York Post film writer Linda Stasi and sportswriter Mike Lupica. Stasi and Lupica compensate for their complete ignorance of any and every political topic by turning up the volume.

Even dumber Daily News readers notice that they have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. Like the time Mike Lupica described, “the Second Amendment, written about a thousand years ago for single-shot muskets.”

Nobody at the New York Daily News noticed because your average editor there is lucky to be able to spell.

The Daily News is a joke, a failure and a moneyhole. It can’t escape from its own failure by denouncing the Constitution, but some of its more incompetent dingbats like Lupica and Stasi want a national profile badly enough to write anything.

God might very well fix gang members and terrorists shooting Americans before He fixes the New York Daily News. Some things are just a lost cause.