The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

GoFundMe Bans Conservatives, Allows $150K Fundraiser for Black Teacher Who Punched Student

The only rules in social media censorship is that there are no rules. And conservatives get banned while lefties get a free pass.

Here’s example #489.

GoFundMe has strict standards. Civil rights cases filed by Christians are not allowed. Punching students in the classroom is.

A new crowdfunding campaign on behalf of Sweet Cakes by Melissa was launched Tuesday after a similar effort was removed last week by GoFundMe.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of the bakery in Gresham, Oregon, face the prospect of a $135,000 damages award for violating the state’s non-discrimination law for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple in 2013. The damages order from the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries is proposed and not final.

GoFundMe removed a crowdfunding campaign on the couple’s behalf less than a day after the effort was posted April 24, following complaints from gay-marriage supporters. During that time, the campaign raised more than $109,000 on behalf of the Kleins, which the website said they would be able to keep.

In a statement, GoFundMe cited its policy against “formal charges in defense of heinous crimes,” prompting critics to point out that the Kleins had not been charged with a crime. A few days later, GoFundMe changed the policy to include a ban on “claims of heinous crimes, violent, hateful, sexual or discriminatory acts.”

Teachers punching kids is fine though. If the teacher is black and the kid allegedly used a racial slur.

 Community members have raised more than $90,000 for a Los Angeles-area teacher after being captured on video punching a student who had repeatedly called him racial slurs.

A GoFundMe page had raised $90,960 by Tuesday afternoon for Marston Riley, a music teacher at Maywood Academy High School.

It’s now approaching $150K. 

Video posted to social media shows Riley, who is black, repeatedly hitting the student, who returns some of the blows. Before the scuffle, the video showed the student throwing a basketball at the 64-year-old Riley and repeatedly calling him names and racial slurs.

The student was treated for minor injuries, and Riley was released on bond after being arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

Not heinous, apparently.

Was Riley provoked? Obviously. Is it acceptable for teachers to get into fistfights with students? Just as obviously not.

Except to GoFundMe and the media, which decided that it’s okay because of the race of the participants.

Remember when we used to be a nation of laws? Now we’re a tyranny of lefty identity politics. And there are no laws, standards or rules. Only the illegitimate abuses of political, economic and cultural power by the Left.