The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Gov. Brown Pardons Dem Official Convicted of Voter Fraud

Voter fraud doesn’t exist, say Democrats. If it does exist, they’ll stifle any attempt to protect our elections on the false grounds that they’re voter suppression. They’ll cry racism over any investigation of voter fraud.

And if someone does get convicted of voter fraud, they get a pardon.

Of course voter fraud doesn’t exist. Much like treason, when it prospers, none dare call it voter fraud. Not when it’s protected from the highest levels of Dem government.

Former Sen. Roderick Wright was convicted of felony charges of voter fraud and perjury in 2014 when a Los Angeles County jury determined he lived outside the district he represented. Some lawmakers at the time defended Wright, saying state law was ambiguous. The Legislature has since changed the law to make Wright’s situation legal, and the state Supreme Court cleared the way for the pardon this week.

Wright was sentenced to 90 days in jail then released almost immediately.

We have the best Dem government that fraud can buy.