The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Gov Unions Are a Catastrophe, Court was Right to Limit Them

When unions first gained government backing, they were supposed to represent the working class. Those types of unions have been on the decline. Instead they’ve been replaced by a form of union that even the movement’s vocal backers, like FDR, thought were illegitimate.

Public sector unions have little in common with traditional unions because of negotiating with an employer, they negotiate with the politicians they help elect. Instead of two organizations, the unions are a political component of the Democrats. 

Democrats funnel taxpayer money to the unions, who funnel it right back to the politicians in the form of donations and PACs. 

It’s one of the great political robberies of the age. And public employee pensions are beginning to bankrupt cities and even entire states. Take a look at the fiscal future of Illinois or California. 

The Supreme Court’s decision freeing non-members from having to fund government public unions is a welcome check on their power. It doesn’t solve the problem. But it follows Scott Walker’s pattern of limiting that power.

Public sector unions have made it impossible to reform the finances of major cities and have killed educational reforms more times than anyone can count. They’re a dangerous parasitical blight on society.

And they were never meant to exist.

The traditional union has a legitimate role (even if its government protections aren’t legitimate), but the public sector union is just Democrat corruption. Every time you start hearing a lecture on how corporations aren’t people and how corporate money needs to be taken out of politics, ask about union money. Especially government union money. Ask why your tax bill should be redirected to the campaign funds of Democrat officials. Ask them how it can be legitimate for a union to negotiate with the officials that it’s endorsing and funding? Ask them how that isn’t bribery.

And then watch them change the subject.