The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Hamas Leader: "We Decided to Turn... the Bodies of Our Women and Children—Into a Dam"

In Hamastan, it’s always “Chicks up front”.

Here’s a Hamas leader boasting about using women and children in their terrorist infrastructure project.

He added that against the images of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, the Palestinians had painted an image of heroism and determination with their sacrifices—“the sacrifice of their children as an offering for Jerusalem and the ‘Right of Return.’ ”

“When we decided to embark on these marches,” he said, “we decided to turn that which is most dear to us—the bodies of our women and children—into a dam blocking the collapse in Arab reality.”

Except, of course, Israeli soldiers fired carefully. 50 of the 62 kills were Hamas members. Only 3 were Islamic Jihad.

Hamas is much more eager to have Israelis shoot their women and children than Israeli soldiers are. And the media is equally eager to have Israeli soldiers shoot women and children in Gaza.

If it doesn’t happen, they will still lie about it. 

If you’re wondering where you last saw Yahya Sinwar, he’s the Hamas boss who was previously on camera urging Gazans to tear out Israeli hearts.