The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Hillary Clinton: Trump is "Profiting off the Business of the Presidency"

One popular definition of ‘Chutzpah’ is murdering your parents and telling the court to have pity on an orphan. An equally valid definition is every phrase that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth.

Like this one.

“He’s profiting off the business of the presidency.”

So Hillary Clinton accuses Trump in a rambling essay for The Atlantic that rehashes every possible accusation. But this one might be the worst considering that Hillary’s husband traded pardons for cash, and the two of them built an entire international business out of her presidential future known as the Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons didn’t just cash in while in office. They cashed in on the promise of Hillary Clinton being in office. They profited from the promised business of the presidency, which makes them doubly crooked.

Then there’s Haiti, Uranium One and treating the Lincoln Bedroom like a motel room.

Talk about profiting from the “business of the presidency”.