The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Hillary Clinton's Dark Money Group Finally Gives Dems $95K

I’m not sure why CNN felt this required a headline instead of an eye roll. 

Hillary Clinton is getting more involved in the 2018 midterms.

_Clinton, through her political organization Onward Together, donated the maximum of $5,000 to 19 Democratic House candidates and four secretary of state candidates in June, according to the group’s filings with the Federal Election Commission. The donations represent the most concentrated midterm effort the former Dem_ocratic presidential nominee has made to date 

Hillary’s most concentrated midterm effort was donating $95K? That’s her monthly chardonnay bill. 

Onward Together promised to make a difference. It’s been taking in money for a while… and then it disgorges $95K?

In the four months since Hillary Clinton officially launched her new political group, Onward Together, the group has done little besides soliciting donations from Clinton supporters.

When Clinton went public with her group on May 15 she said the group would be partnering with five left-wing political groups: Indivisible, Swing Left, Color of Change, Emerge America and Run for Something.

But four months later, it’s unclear what the group’s donors have to show for their money. Onward Together’s website still has just two tabs: one explaining the group’s mission and one asking supporters for donations.

And once you donated, there was no escape.

Corey Koscielniak admits that $10.48 is “a really small amount” over which to get frustrated.

But Koscielniak’s decision to cancel a recurring monthly donation of that sum to Hillary Clinton’s nonprofit organization Onward Together turned into an odyssey that’s lasted several weeks.

The organization’s webpage didn’t allow him to cancel, and a phone call to the group didn’t seem to resolve things. The situation prompted Koscielniak to file a complaint with the Washington state Attorney General’s Office.

Nobody gets money out of the Clintons without a lot of work.