The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

"I Hate White People" Woman Says, Then Attacks White People

The left says that certain kinds of bigotry are okay. Racism isn’t always wrong. There’s hate that punches up and hate that punches down. Punching up is the essence of intersectionality.

Like this latest hate crime.

 A black woman declared her disdain for “white people” before pummeling two white passengers on board a moving Ride On bus, Gaithersburg Police said.

Kimberly Jordan, 24, of Silver Spring, is charged with racial harassment, obstructing and second-degree assault due to her alleged offensive and physically painful antics.

Jordan allegedly began to stare at two white passengers and then murmured, “I hate white people.” A short while later, Jordan, who weighs 250 pounds, reportedly stood up and clocked the female white passenger in the face. The male white passenger attempted to defend his friend, but got smacked in the face as well, police state.

The male victim suffered a “long” cut to this nose while the female victim had a number of scratches on her palms, likely defensive wounds.

There’s the usual profile.

According to court documents, Jordan was unemployed and lived with her grandmother at the time of her arrest. She has a lengthy arrest record for charges like theft, burglary, destruction of property, assault and domestic violence.

So how long until Jordan becomes a contributor to The Root?

Violent racism is created equal through its sheer reality. Physically attacking someone has the same impact regardless of race. And yet the left vocally denies the existence of black racism. And denies its end results. This isn’t an aberration. We’ve seen Black Lives Matter racial harassment and violence. We’ve seen the murder of police officers in New York and Dallas. But this is a more everyday kind of violence. And anyone who has spent enough time riding the New York City subway system has encountered this kind of behavior already. It’s just a form of racial that no one is allowed to talk about.

But if we’re going to have that national dialogue, that needs to change.