The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

If Not Now, J Street's Latest Anti-Israel Front Group

Despite the backing of major anti-Israel billionaires, J Street has failed to make an impact on support for Israel in the Jewish community. That failure has led the anti-Israel hate group to take another tack by using its campus arm, J Street U, currently run by an anti-Israel Muslim student, to manufacture the perception that the “youth” are anti-Israel.

Since J Street U is very obviously the creature of the money and power behind J Street, the latest tactical development appears to be to use J Street U to “seed” new anti-Israel front groups that are more youth oriented. These groups then join with J Street U’s campaigns against the Jewish state while claiming that they represent “millennials” and that Jewish organizations must listen to younger voices.

If Not Now appears to be a typical example. It postures as an independent volunteer grass roots anti-Israel group. In fact it’s a group of J Street U people trying out a new brand.

Simone Zimmerman, the most prominent figure associated with the new hate group, was the J Street U National Student Board President. She claims to be in Brooklyn, but If Not Now’s headquarters is listed in a residential building in Washington D.C. That’s where the J Street mothership is also located.

While Simone Zimmerman attempts to cultivate the fake moderate image that is a signature of the J Street brand, the If Not Now hate group evolved out of anti-Israel protests during Hamas’ attacks on Israel, and Simone Zimmerman retweets violently anti-Israel bigots, including Max Blumenthal, who has called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel and whose material was cited by the Kansas City Jewish Community Center shooter, along with Hamas apologists like Glenn Greenwald and Yousef Munayyer.

There’s nothing moderate about that listing or about Simone Zimmerman. This is what your social media looks like if you hate Israel and want to see it destroyed.

Other If Not Now activists were also top J Street U people. Tamara Shapiro was J Street U’s director,  Yonah Lieberman co-created a J Street U chapter, Max Berger worked for J Street, Emily Mayer was with J Street U at Haverford.

The official narrative is that If Not Now parted ways with J Street because the group was insufficiently opposed to the Jewish State and insufficiently supportive of Hamas. As a practical matter though this is how radical groups have always operated, with a front group that makes efforts to appear moderate while incubating radical organizations within itself that “split off” but still pursue the same agenda.

Despite claims of a split, If Not Now is just pursuing the exact same agenda as J Street U, protesting Jewish charities for supporting Israel, while claiming to be the voice of a new generation.

It’s the same scam with a new brand and slightly less of a paper trail.

If Not Now is J Street. J Street is JVP. The same goes for the rest of the paper organizations of the anti-Israel left which are pursuing the same tired discredited anti-Zionist agenda that they have for a century now. This agenda predated the ‘67 war and the liberation of ‘67 Israel. It predated the reborn state’s independence. It is premised only on the hard left’s rejection of a Jewish national state for racist reasons. Everything else, including the lies about “Palestinian suffering” is window dressing and propaganda for the anti-Semitic left and its Jewish collaborators.

The brand is constantly being refreshed in a feverish effort to make an old hateful ideology seem youthful and new. New organizations are constantly being created and destroyed. But they all share one agenda. The destruction of the Jewish State.