The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

If You're Dumb Enough to Believe the New York Times, You'll Pay $300 for a T-Shirt

“You want the truth? You can’t afford the truth!”

The courageous crusaders of the New York Times have a new way for you to show your identification with the forces of true fake news. Just buy a $300 shirt. Really.

The Gray Lady teamed up with very popping Japanese brand Sacai for a collaboration of graphic t-shirts in the name of its ad campaign for the Trump era, “The Truth Is.”

The black and white tees bear such slogans as “Truth, It’s more important now than ever” on the front, and “The truth is rarely simple” and “The truth doesn’t take sides” on the back.

They’re also $300.

Yes, it’s a $300 t-shirt. Because if you’re stupid enough to believe what the New York Times publishes, you’re stupid enough to pay $300 for a t-shirt.

It’s the perfect demo. Stupid rich hipsters desperate to virtue signal their political purity on Bumble. And now they can get a t-shirt that says, “Let’s discuss Paul Krugman’s New York Times column on Trump’s impeachment and chill.”

Also this is a helpful reminder of…

1. Why most of the country hates the media

2. The fact that the media is currently being subsidized by a class of political parasites who are also destroying the country

3. The Venn diagram of leftist politics, unearned wealth and sheer stupidity.

That’s the Truth. It’s more important now than ever. And for only $500 more, it comes in straitjacket form.