The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Jim Acosta and Tucker Carlson

A mob showing up outside Tucker Carlson’s house might have been startling a decade ago. Now it’s practically mandatory.

But the same media that’s howling about CNN’s Jim Acosta after his almost supernatural rudeness, that included placing his hands on a female intern, has nothing to say about the overt intimidation of Tucker Carlson.

The mobs are no longer just harassing conservative politicians. They’re trying to intimidate conservative journalists.

And the media has nothing to say about it.

What could it say about it? The media and the mob are one.

But the next time you hear another sanctimonious lecture from someone like Jeb Bush or Flake about how wrong it is to call the press, the “enemy”, ask them how much concern they’ve shown about the first amendment when it comes to conservative journalists.

The left’s supposed love of freedom of the press has still allowed it to advocate censorship under the guise of fighting fake news, fighting tooth and nail to keep conservative journalists out of White House press conferences, and to shrug at the actual calculated intimidation of journalists.