The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Kavanaugh Accuser's Ex-Boyfriend Accuses Her of Lying to Senate

Credibility is not about a televised performance. It’s about the facts you bring to the table.

Ford brought zero evidence. And the few statements she made that could be verified were contradictory. Those included everything her supposed inability to fly to the number of people at the party.

Now an ex-boyfriend has suggested that Kavanaugh’s Democrat backed accuser may have perjured herself.

In a letter released Tuesday and obtained by Fox News, an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, seemingly contradicts her testimony under oath last week that she had never helped anyone prepare for a polygraph examination.

The former boyfriend, whose name was redacted, also said Ford neither mentioned Kavanaugh nor said she was a victim of sexual misconduct during the time they were dating from about 1992 to 1998. He said he saw Ford helping a woman he believed was her “life-long best friend” prepare for a potential polygraph test. He added that the woman had been interviewing for jobs with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office.

He also claimed Ford never voiced any fear of flying (even while aboard a propeller plane) and seemingly had no problem living in a small, 500 sq. ft. apartment with one door – apparently contradicting her claims that she could not testify promptly in D.C. because she felt uncomfortable traveling on planes, as well as her suggestion that her memories of Kavanuagh’s alleged assault prompted her to feel unsafe living in a closed space or one without a second front door.

We already know that Ford’s claims that she couldn’t fly were nonsense. But this pokes holes in a claim made before the Senate.

Under questioning from experienced sex-crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell last week, Ford said that she had “never” had “any discussions with anyone … on how to take a polygraph” or “given any tips or advice to anyone who was looking to take a polygraph test.” She repeatedly said the process was stressful and uncomfortable.

But in his declaration, the ex-boyfriend wrote that, “I witnessed Dr. Ford help [Monica L.] McLean prepare for a potential polygraph exam” and that Ford had “explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped [her] become familiar and less nervous about the exam,” using her background in psychology.

McLean apparently worked for the DOJ and is currently an independent consultant. This will invariably raise questions about the FBI investigation.