The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Kavanaugh: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Why don’t the Dems want to bring their witness to the table?

Right now the accusation has its own force. Bring in the Kavanaugh¬†accuser and it becomes very much of a “He Said/She Said” situation.Instead the Dems want to place the impossible burden of having Kavanaugh disprove the accusation.

Or as Anita Hill put it, the burden of persuasion is on Kavanaugh.

How do you prove you’re innocent? It’s effectively impossible. But reversing the burden of proof has been the standard tactic of lefty kangaroo courts in cases like these.

The moment that the accuser makes a public appearance, the burden of proof is at best split. And the Dems have nothing to gain from that. Right now their best bet is to panic a few Republicans into backing away from Kavanaugh. If his accusers puts in a great performance, their case might be strengthened, but clearly they’re not very confident about her performance.