The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Lara Alqasem, the Media's BDS Victim, Heads the SJP Pro-Terror Hate Group That Defended Stabbing of 15-Year-Old Boy

There are plenty of smiling photos of Lara Alqassem all over the media. Here’s a photo of one of the victims of the terrorism that she and Students for Justice in Palestine support.

Moshe Malka was a 15-year-old Israeli teen stabbed by one of terrorists whom the hate group that Lara leads supports.

The media and the anti-Israel left is trying to turn Lara Alqasem, the head of a campus chapter of a pro-terrorist hate group, into a martyr after being detained at Ben Gurion Airport while trying to enter Israel.

Media stories flash her smiling photo and claims that BDS is a “non-violent” movement. Follow up stories claim that she was targeted by a “secretive blacklist” at Canary Mission.

There’s nothing secretive about it. (Despite claims made by the anti-Israel press at Haaretz and Times of Israel.)

Canary Mission is a Jewish civil rights group that tracks hate speech by anti-Semitic hate groups like SJP. That’s where Lara comes in.

The flood of pro-BDS spin in the media on Lara Alqasem’s case refuses to either link to her listing on Canary Mission or to describe its contents. So, as usual, people who care about the truth have to do the work that fake news media refuses to do.

Lara Alqasem [Lara Lee Alqasem] is the 2016-2017 president and primary contact of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of Florida (UF).

Alqasem has been a member of SJP UF since 2014 and has previously served as the group’s vice president.

SJP UF, as Canary Mission documents, whitewashes and supports Muslim terrorist attacks on Israelis.

On October 13, 2015, SJP UF posted an article titled, “Death-chanting Israeli mob rejoices as Palestinian teen is executed.” The article — from the Electronic Intifada (EI) site — linked to an EI video titled, “Israeli police kill Fadi Alloun in cold blood.”

Fadi Aloon was shot by Israeli security forces after he stabbed a 15-year-old Israeli boy. Several hours before the attack, Aloon posted “Either martyrdom or victory” on his Facebook page. 

On October 18, 2015, SJP UF posted on Facebook an image with the misleading caption “Israeli settler, shoots, kills teenage Palestinian boy in Hebron” and linked to an article obscuring the fact that 18-year-old Fadil Qawasmi had been shot while trying to stab an Israeli citizen on the Jewish Sabbath.

The 15-year-old boy was Moshe Malka. That’s a photo of him above. There are plenty of smiling photos of Lara Alqassem all over the media. Here’s a photo of one of the victims of the terrorism that she and Students for Justice in Palestine support.

And yes, SJP UF also straight up supported terrorists.

On March 21, 2013, SJP UF members held a protest and a “24-hour solidarity hunger strike” at UF to support Samer Issawi, who received a 26 year prison sentence in 2002.

Samer Issawi received a twenty-six year prison sentence in 2002 for manufacturing and distributing pipe bombs and shooting at Israeli civilians and police during the second intifada. He is a member of theDemocratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). 

In November 2014, SJP UF took part in a national day of action for terrorist Rasmea Odeh.

Odeh was a key military operative with the terrorist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). In 1969, Odeh masterminded a PFLP bombing that killed two college students in a Jerusalem supermarket. Odeh also attempted to bomb the British consulate.

This is support for terrorism. It’s not non-violent. And any country targeted this way has the right to detain and expel foreigners who support terrorist violence against their citizens.

The media needs to stop lying. And people who support Israel need to stop utilizing fake news sites like Haaretz and Times of Israel.

And the lefty supporters of Lara Alqasem effectively support the stabbing of a 15-year-old Israeli boy.