The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Left Wants to Rename Austin Over Slavery

It began with statue vandalism. But it was never going to end there.

Now the Anti-History movement of the left has a new target. A target as big as a city.

A new report from Austin, Texas’s Equity Office about existing Confederate monuments suggested changing the city’s name.

The report identified several neighborhoods and 10 streets named in honor of the Confederacy or William Barton, a slave owner dubbed the “Daniel Boone of Texas,” that could be changed, The Austin American-Statesman reported Friday.

Austin’s namesake, Stephen F. Austin — also referred to as the “father of Texas” — opposed efforts by Mexico to abolish slavery in the Tejas province, saying freed slaves would become “vagabonds, a nuisance and a menace,” the newspaper noted.

Renaming the state’s capital would most likely require a citywide election because the name has been denoted in the city charter.

The only question is whom to rename Austin after? It has to be a historical figure with impeccable politically correct bona fides. A man whose commitment to leftist politics could never be challenged.

Marxville? New Mao City? Obamastan?

Columbus, Ohio, I imagine will be next. Also what was the Duke of York’s position on slavery? What was Amerigo Vespucci’s position on gay marriage?

I guess we’re going to have to rename America.

Or offer the left a one way ticket to a country where everything is named only after leftists. There are so many options. Cuba. North Korea. The circles of hell.