The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Left-Wing Mondoweiss Editor Claims Israel Behind Passover Kansas City Shootings

One of its writers has claimed that Israel was behind September 11

Mondoweiss is probably the leading anti-Israel site on the internet after Stormfront. Its editors are often openly bigoted. One Mondoweiss editor said, “I do not consider myself an anti-Semite, but I can understand why some are.”

One of its writers has claimed that Israel was behind September 11 and even DailyKos banned Mondoweiss for its recurring anti-semitism.

While it has been revealed that the Kansas City shooter used anti-semitic material from Max Blumenthal, who is often promoted on Mondoweiss, a Mondoweiss editor, Annie Robbins, suggested that Israel was behind it all.

Responding to a Muslim who asked, “Who was his handler?”, she asked,  “is miller the same white supremacist who took a screenshot of his desktop and accidentally revealed he had the israeli foreign ministry’s megaphone onto his computer? that was a wild moment.”

Later Robbins attempted to walk back her claim, denying that she had accused the Israeli government of being behind the attack and her claim that the KC killer had Megaphone on his computer, but it’s not like the facts have ever mattered at Mondoweiss.

Annie Robbins has a history of manufacturing her own reality where Jews are concerned.