The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Liberals Less Likely to Know Earth Revolves Around the Sun than Conservatives

Moderates are the dumbest people around. Followed by liberals.

It’s a difference of 5 to 4 percent, which wouldn’t be that big of a gap on most issues, but is a pretty big gap when it comes to the earth revolving around the sun. And we see that moderates are the dumbest people around, followed by liberals while conservative Republicans are the best informed.

It gets even worse when it comes to astrology.

Numbers like these makes you wonder how long it will take before the media begins announcing that the science is settled and astrology is real.

The Global Warming Ecoscam has already shown that there are plenty of PhDs who will support any crazy lie as long as it has the right ideological stamp and enough grant money attached to it.

The interesting thing about these numbers is not only that conservative Republicans tend to be more scientifically aware than liberals, a complete reversal of the myth that liberals use to prop up their status, but that liberal Republicans, the Huntsman class, whom one would expect to be better educated, are more prone to ignorance and the so-called moderate Democrats are so ridiculously ignorant.

The liberal Republicans aren’t the smart elite of the party as contrasted with the great unwashed of the Tea Party. Instead the RINOs are more likely to believe in astrology, less likely to know that the earth revolves around the sun and more likely to think that amnesty, Global Warming and price controls work.

It’s the plight of the moderate and conservative Dems though which reveals just how stratified the Democrats are. There aren’t two Americas, but there certainly are two Democratic Parties. One educated and one ignorant.

Moderates, as you can see, are the dumbest people around. Followed by liberals.