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Linda Sarsour's Brother: Jews Run FOX News and Killed Hostess Snacks

Farrakhan ally & @womensmarch board member Linda Sarsour’s brother, Diya Sarsour, tweets: “Bunch of Jews” run Fox, Jews killed Hostess Cakes company. Tweets from 2012-13.

(h/t @Luv_Freedom)

— John-Paul Pagano (@johnpaulpagano) June 30, 2018

Canary Mission regularly highlights the bizarre anti-Semitic rants of Muslim students (often associated with SJP or MSA) who are just spewing the random hatred typical of their culture. It’s the sort of thing that the left tries very hard to ignore.

These particular ravings were uncovered by journalist John-Paul Pagano on Twitter who cites them as the work of Linda Sarsour’s brother, Diya Sarsour. The account has since apparently been deactivated. His LinkedIn, listing his job, also appears to be gone.

Is Linda Sarsour responsible for her brother? When the Huffington Post doxxed AmyMek, it also went after her husband and assorted family members. Amy Mek’s siblings faced harassment. But while Linda Sarsour isn’t responsible for her brother’s comments, her own history of anti-Semitism gives us no reason to think that she doesn’t share his views.

And so these tweets may help expand the larger picture to clarify the bigoted milieu that Linda Sarsour spawned from.