The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Media as Interested in Jamal Khashoggi, As It's Uninterested in US Hostages Held by Turkey

The media twitters about foreign collusion, and yet it’s absurdly obvious which countries are pulling its strings.

Ever since the Saudis took an anti-Qatari line, the media has been spewing Qatari/Iranian propaganda about Yemen. And it’s aggressively pushing the Turkish/Qatari line on Jamal Khashoggi. 

The same media that expects Americans to care about its Jamal Khashoggi obsession is curiously uninterested in the American hostages, including Pastor Andrew Brunson, being held by its Islamist pals in Turkey.

Remember that the next time the national mainstream media expects you to get outraged about something, especially in the Middle East, ask what its agenda is and who’s pulling their strings.

And why the kidnappings and murders of Americans don’t seem to generate as much interest from the media as whether story their Qatari/Al Jazeera masters are pushing this week.

But, just a reminder, Andrew Brunson is one of a number of American hostages being held by the Islamic terror state of Turkey.

Qatari is an Islamic terror state with links to 911. It has however managed to buy extensive influence in Washington D.C. and other political circles. Its Al Jazeera front sets the tone for the media on the Middle East.

9 out of 10 times the media’s take on a story from the region consists of Qatari talking points.