The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Media Praises France's Macron for Bashing, Trump, "Nationalism", Ignores his Praise of Nazi Collaborator

President Emmanuel Macron, the rich kid running France into the ground, is at the center of a media gushfest. And all he had to do was launch an indirect attack on President Trump and “nationalism”.

The media is an easy and cheap date. Bash Trump and it’ll put out for you.

But a French president denouncing “nationalism” is its own absurd joke. Merkel might mean it. Macron certainly does not.

Before Macron’s little stunt, he had praised Marshall Petain, France’s famed Nazi collaborator. If you’re going to get away from nationalism, betraying your country to the Nazis is one way to go.

Here’s the actual Macron reality behind the storm of CNN fake news broadcasts and Washington Post snark from our unserious American lefty media.

French President Emmanuel Macron has sought to justify paying homage to Nazi collaborator Philippe Pétain during centenary commemorations marking the end of World War One later this week.

Mr Macron said Marshal Pétain was a “great soldier”, even though he had made “disastrous choices” during WW2.

Pétain was praised for the defence of Verdun in 1916, but he was sentenced to death for high treason after WW2.

Some French politicians and Jewish leaders condemned Mr Macron’s comments.

And referring to Pétain, Mr Macron said: “He was a great soldier”, although he had made “disastrous choices” during the Nazi occupation of France.

Petain co-operated with the Nazi invaders and headed a puppet government centred on the spa town of Vichy.

Mr Macron’s office later defended his comments.

“I’m not forgiving anything, but I’m not going to erase anything from our history,” he said, stressing that Pétain was “complicit in grave crimes”.

And addressing reporters, he added: “You’re creating controversies by yourselves.”

This is the weasel whose condemnation of “nationalism”, the hysterically anti-Trump media is cheering on. The media keeps screaming that Trump is a Nazi even as it climbs in bed with fellow travelers of Nazi collaborators.